The Balanced Lifestyle Box, The Balanced Snack Box, The Balanced Pantry Box, The Balanced Home Box filled with a variety of high-quality products.
Healthy habits. Mindful choices. Balanced life.
Carefully curated boxes of healthy snacks, pantry staples, lifestyle items & home décor starting at $28.99
The Balanced Lifestyle Box
Up to $350 of luxury products to nurture your mind, body and soul. Delivered seasonally for only $64.99
Introducing the Balanced Home Box
Unbox 6-8 luxury home décor items (valued up to $350) for only $84.99!
The Balanced Snack Box
Healthy snacks delivered to your door monthly. Starting at $28.99
The Balanced Pantry Box
Healthy pantry staples delivered to your door monthly, starting at $39.99
The Balanced Lifestyle Box has up to $350 value for only $64.99
The Balanced Lifestyle Box - For Men
Up to $350 of luxury self-care items, curated just for men. Delivered Seasonally for just $64.99
Unique & On Trend Home Décor Items
Spruce up your space with the new Balanced Home Box. Up to $350 value for just $84.99!

How it works

1. Select your box!

Step 1

Choose from The Balanced Snack Box, The Balanced Pantry Box, The Balanced Lifestyle Box or The Balanced Home Box. The Balanced Snack Box and The Balanced Pantry Box also have customizations available including original, gluten-free, vegan or keto-friendly. The Balanced Lifestyle Box can be customized for women and men.

2. Select your plan!

Step 2

Choose your box plan. The Balanced Snack Box and The Balanced Pantry Box are available as one-time gifts, month-to-month or 3-month, 6-month or annual plans. The Balanced Lifestyle Box and The Balanced Home Box are available as one-time gifts, quarterly or annual prepay plans.

3. Get your box!

Step 3

Enjoy all the goodies we jam-pack into each box! All boxes start shipping on the 4th of each month. New subscribers have between the first and last day of the month/order period to order the following month/season's box. All subscriptions will auto-renew on the 11th of the renewal month/order period.

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