About Us

Helping people live a more healthful life is what we do. As a Canadian, women-owned company, The Balanced Company is committed to connecting you with high quality products to nourish your body, mind and soul. Our mission is to help you make healthier choices that lead to a more healthful, balanced life.

Our founder, Evie Levitin went from a corporate job as a CA,CPA to a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Through her personal health journey, she found her passion in helping people live their best life through making healthier lifestyle choices. Evie's mission branched further than just ensuring her family was living as healthfully as possible. She wanted to share her passion and knowledge with everyone, and that's how the dream of a Toronto mom of 3 was born. The launch of The Balanced Snack Box was the first of its kind in Canada and the first offering from The Balanced Company, with a focus on high quality, healthful ingredients. Scanning the aisles of each grocery store made Evie realize how difficult it is to weed out certain ingredients and choose the best quality products. Through discovering mindfully made products from conscious brands, Evie saw that making healthier choices to maintain lasting healthy habits meant taking care of your mind, body and soul. It was then that The Balanced Company was born.

We want to bring healthy products into every household, so you can live more healthfully and happy. Whether it's a craving for chocolate chip cookies, a big salad, or some much need relaxation, we carefully select products to support your mind, body and soul.

Evie Levitin, founder of The Balanced Company, pictured with all four Balanced Boxes.