1) How does it work?
We've made the process super simple! Select the box you'd like to order, choose any customization, and finally select the time frame. Add your selection to your cart and checkout. You'll receive an email notification of your purchase a few minutes later. That's it!

2) How soon will I receive my box after I subscribe?
All boxes start shipping on the 4th of each month and will be delivered straight to your door. New subscribers have between the first and last day of the month/order period to order the following month/season's box. All subscriptions will auto-renew on the 11th of the renewal month/order period. See Question 8 below for the order/ship schedule for The Balanced Lifestyle Box, The Balanced Home Box and The Balanced Discovery Box. 

3) What if I want to try one box?
You can absolutely try just one box! Once you receive your box, if you don't want to continue, simply cancel your subscription before the renewal is set to take place.

4) Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, absolutely! You are able to cancel your subscription at anytime. All subscriptions renew on the 11th of each month/order period.  All box purchases are final sale and non-refundable. Cancelling your subscription will ensure it does not renew for an additional term but does not generate a refund and you will still receive any boxes remaining under the term.

5) Are there any cancellation fees or obligations?
Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on transparency. There are no cancellation fees or other fees that we sneak up on you.

6) Can I purchase a gift?
Yes of course! You can purchase The Balanced Snack Box, The Balanced Pantry Box, The Balanced Lifestyle Box and The Balanced Home Box as one-time gifts. All you have to do is check off the "gift" box when placing your order.

7) How much is shipping?
Shipping is a flat rate of $2.95 for The Balanced Discovery Box, $3.95 for the Mini Snacker, and $4.95 for The Balanced Snack Box, The Balanced Pantry Box, The Balanced Lifestyle Box and The Balanced Home Box. We ship Canada-wide! Note: a small number of remote locations may not be reachable by our shipping service.

8) What is the order and shipping schedule?
The Balanced Snack Box and The Balanced Pantry Box are monthly boxes. You have between the first and last day of the month to order the following month's box, which starts shipping on the 4th of each month. All renewals for the next box will occur on the 11th. For example, May box orders take place between April 1st and April 30th, and will start shipping on May 4th. Then the renewal will occur on May 11th for the June box that will start shipping on June 4th.

The Balanced Lifestyle Box, The Balanced Home Box and The Balanced Discovery Box are seasonal boxes. Boxes ordered or renewed within The Balanced Company’s seasonal 3-month period will receive that season’s box. This means that all boxes will always be shipped out within approximately 1 month of purchase! Orders for the Spring Boxes are open from February 1st - April 30th and will start shipping March 4th, April 4th and May 4th. Renewals for The Balanced Lifestyle Box, The Balanced Home Box and The Balanced Discovery Box will take place on the 11th, every 3 months from your initial purchase date. 

For all prepaid annual subscriptions, the same shipping schedule will apply. For example, if an annual Balanced Lifestyle Box subscription is purchased on February 15, the first box will be the Spring Box, which will start shipping on March 4. The Summer Box will then start shipping June 4, the Fall Box will start shipping September 4, and the Winter Box will start shipping December 4. The renewal for the next year will take place on the 11th of the anniversary month of the original purchase (February 11 in this example).

This is how all seasonal boxes will ship out (within approx. 1 month from purchase):

Order/Renewal Period   

Season’s Box    

Shipping Dates   

February 1 – April 30  

Spring Box

Starting March 4, April 4, May 4

May 1 – July 31

Summer Box

Starting June 4, July 4, August 4

August 1 – October 31

Fall Box

Starting September 4, October 4, November 4

November 1 – January 31*

*Orders received Dec 1-13 will ship by Dec 14

Winter Box

Starting December 4, January 4, February 4


9) I ordered a prepaid plan. Can I cancel it and be refunded?
All pre-paid plans are non-refundable. You can cancel it anytime, to ensure it does not renew for another term but we cannot refund after the purchase has been made and the term has begun.

10) Can I customize for a specific dietary preference/restriction?
Yes! The Balanced Snack Box and The Balanced Pantry Box are offered in original, gluten-free, vegan and keto-friendly options. 

11) Are your gluten-free snacks all certified?
Not all snacks that are included in the Gluten-Free Snack or Pantry Boxes are certified gluten-free. While all snacks will not contain gluten, some snacks may be processed in facilities that also process gluten.

12) Can I choose the products that are in my box?
We do not offer individual customizations. Our Curation Team carefully handpicks items for each box every month/season! The boxes are a surprise for all subscribers each month, and all subscribers will receive their boxes around the same time each shipping period. 

13) How do I earn Balanced Points through the Loyalty Program?
There are a few different ways you can earn Balanced Points, and we've listed them out for you below:

  • Create an account and instantly earn 10 Balanced Points

To do this, click on the green widget at the bottom right of this page and sign up! We've included a screenshot below to show you where to go to sign up, view your rewards and login to your account.


Steps to sign-up for Balanced Points, login to account and view rewards.
  • Earn 10 Balanced Points on your birthday
  • Earn 1 Balanced Point for every dollar ($1) spent
  • Earn 10 Balanced Points when you register
  • Earn 5 Balanced Points when you share on Facebook
  • Earn 5 Balanced Points when you follow us on Instagram

Please note that once you've created your account, you'll need to be signed in to earn any additional points listed above.

If you have any questions about redeeming your Balanced Points, please get in touch with us at info@thebalancedcompanyinc.com.