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Goals You and the Family Can Accomplish Before the New Year

Family is important to most of us, but we all know that no family is perfect as every family has its quirks and issues. If you want to strengthen your family’s bond, you can try setting goals now to accomplish before the end of the year, ahead of new year's resolutions. We’ve shared a few goals below to help get you started.


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Eat dinner together. 

While this may seem impossible to do every single day, try your best to eat dinner as a family on most evenings. You can gather everyone’s availability and create a schedule for dinner time that corresponds with everyone’s agenda. Eating dinner together gives the family a chance to connect about their day, spend quality time together, and creates a routine.

Evening walks.

For the sake of staying active and enjoying family time, take a walk every evening with your loved ones. After everyone has settled in at home, eaten dinner, finished their work and homework, gather them for a quick 30-minute walk around the neighbourhood. This will keep the whole family active, and you can all hold each other accountable.

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Weekly game tournament.

Every week, implement a weekly tournament of some sort on a day of your family’s choosing. During this tournament, you either play board games,  card games, word games or even video games – you name it. Create different levels for the tournament so everyone can participate and increase the difficulty as the levels move up. You can even incentivize the tournament with a cool prize or special privilege!

Plan a family vacation.

After a busy, crazy year, every family needs a vacation to get away from reality, even if it’s for a couple of days. Make it a goal to plan a family vacation every so often. Perhaps it’s a short road trip to a nearby town, or it can be a long flight across the country every year. Either way, you can include your family in the planning process and have everyone brainstorm where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do!

You don’t need to set unrealistic goals or expectations to feel accomplished this year! You can promote small changes that are attainable for everyone in your family. Doing so will motivate them to create these permanent goals and can also bring you all closer.

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